• Amy's Beaudesert Wed 5.15 pm class [finished for the term, resumes Jan 8th]

  • Danielle and Kara's classes finish Dec 13th and resume Jan 6th

  • Harry's class finishes Dec 14th and resumes Feb 1st

Canungra & Beaudesert Yoga are safe and tranquil spaces where people come together to learn and practice yoga. My aim is to introduce the amazing benefits of yoga into as many lives as possible. I want to show you that you do not have to be flexible and “bendy” to do yoga….our classes are for anyone (regardless of age or fitness levels) who wants to become more in-tune with their bodies and minds. The benefits that flow on from this are countless: including developing a more flexible but also strong body and a more relaxed & calm state of mind.
Kara, Owner, Canungra & Beaudesert Yoga

About Us

At Canungra Yoga, creating community is very important to us. A physical community where people can come and feel safe, nurtured and “seen”.

We have 4 teachers all with very different styles of teaching, offering a range of different classes each week. 

Our yoga classes are a place to share what has been a decades long passion and thirst for knowledge for all of us to help others feel awesome as they journey through life: physically, mentally and emotionally. ​

In each class we encourage students to connect with their bodies and maintain and improve their strength, balance, co-ordination and agility. The result being, a body that is able to move with ease and safety so you can continue doing the things you love in life, for as long as possible!

All classes are suitable for beginners to more experienced students and lots of options are given throughout the class so that everyone can choose what suits them. 

We also run several yoga retreats each year, in Springbrook and Byron Bay



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