Create A More Disciplined Mind

Immerse yourself in an innovative way of thinking to tackle the challenges that life throws at you, in a clear-minded, calm and efficient manner.

Healthier Habits

Learn & implement one daily habit that will help you control impulsive urges, emotional struggles and find balance between work and life, to get the most out of your 24 hours per day.

Realised Potential

Incorporate the mind-set plus daily habits you need to: rediscover your passions, overcome roadblocks that have been holding you back, & propel your personal life and work ambitions to their fullest potential.

By the end of the course you can expect a new and improved version of yourself, whilst feeling a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the future...


But it doesn’t end there... 

You will also receive free lifetime membership of a private Facebook group just for students of this course. You will receive support, motivation and tips on a regular basis. Kara is on the site daily to answer questions and provide guidance. 

About the Course

A Single Life-Changing Habit

Change your brain's negative thought patterns into habitual thoughts that generate greater positivity, joy and happiness, by developing what I like to call a “super-power”…one daily habit that will later be the catalyst for change in your thought processes. Supporting and maintaining the development of a positive, strong and disciplined mind. 

Mind & Body as One

Learn about the relationship between your body and mentality as we unite them as one and learn versatile techniques that you can do regularly to change yourself on a cellular level, promoting healthy living and thinking, and increasing our longevity and "health span" (ie living longer with good health, allowing us to do what we love in life, for longer).

A New Beginning

Get on track to become the best version of yourself; new habits, thinking, techniques, mental discipline and emotional control at your fingertips. It’s time to nurture a healthy lifestyle, create a calmer and more discpilined mind and take simple steps each day to create the NOW and the FUTURE you desire.

This is a very exciting and powerful, 3 week course running for approximately 2hrs each week plus a daily implementation at home, of what you are learning each week.

The course involves no yoga at all. It is open to all ages and fitness levels, as it is more of a workshop-style class.


The next course is:

Wednesday April 24th: 6pm-8pm  BEAUDESERT (& the following 2 Wednesdays)


About Your Teacher

I have been self employed for the last 21 years and in that time I have had to transform the way I think and the habits I had slipped into, to create the life that I now have, where my work is my absolute passion and there is very little that I would change.

For decades I was on the search for the knowledge and tools I knew I needed to help me become stronger and more resilient as I got older. This course is what I wished that I had, had all those years ago...a clear and concise guide-map with simple practices to gain the strength and clarity of mind I was searching for. Once I had that practice established, any habit I wanted to eliminate or establish, became a breeze. Allowing me to feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. This is what feels like a super-power!

My passion is sharing my learnings with and empowering others to live their best lives. Some of my clients are those who are yearning for the “next step” whereas others have been bogged down by the past or feel too disempowered to take that next big step to happiness: maybe start their own business or leave a job that doesn’t bring fulfilment, reach their health or fitness goals, or simply re-discover what makes their heart sing.  


Access hundreds of hours of my research, study, and workshop attendance in just 3 weeks for only $189 - (please note this is the launch price and it will be increasing next term)

“Mastery of the Mind” is a course that is very close to my heart... bringing improvement into people's lives is my passion.

Start today and join us on a transformation journey.

What Our Students Say


I have had the absolute privilege of attending this course, completing next week. Kara is amazing. Believe it...You can train your mind. I started with a fairly chaotic mind being unable to stop intrusive thoughts invading my peace. Kara gives you the skills to meditate, turn your focus inwards and relax. She is very inspiring. Change is hard, but with her encouragement to be consistent and the support of your classmates (knowing everyone is having the same difficulties), you can develop a passion for these wonderful practices where you are in charge of your mind. Amazing... 

Robyn P, March 2019


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn techniques from Kara, on her Mastery Of Mind course, that have supported my journey in creating a calmer and more disciplined mind. I have shared this with my teenage children which has provided them with the tools to develop this “Super Power”, as well as supporting our relationship to be positive, strong and healthy.

Jodi. M: March 2019

Having  completed Kara's Mastery of Mind course, I feel confident to recommend it to anyone seeking to slow the mind chatter, address feelings of anxiety, fear and worry and just generally to improve the quality of life and relationships with the self and others.Kara’s approach to this course is the same as her approach to yoga classes and retreats. She is warm, encouraging and absolutely confident of the material she is presenting. The course content is appropriate and relevant and I particularly enjoy the science based evidence presented to back it up.I’m committed to my meditation practice now and see it as an integral part of my fabulous life going forward and I’m immensely grateful to Kara for sharing her knowledge so that I might gain the tools for a more meaningful life.

Sue S, March 2019

Together, we will embark on an exciting journey to improved physical health and impenetrable mental strength!

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