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A weekly word from our teachers...


"Grounding 🧘‍♀️... something I've been doing A LOT lately!

With 2 kiddies and not much time to get in a daily practice is to simply go outside and stand or sit barefoot on the earth!

It is a great chance to connect, re-centre and ground myself.

Try it today and FEEL the effects = reduce stress and inflammation in the body and an opportunity to connect with nature 🌿"


“This last week has taken it’s toll on me physically, in regards to my other job (Tree Work). My wrists, in particular, have felt a little discomfort, reminding me of the importance of my yoga practice.

Sometimes we take for granted the things we are able to achieve each day and it has reminded me of why I first began my yoga practice.

It wasn’t because I thought I’d be able to grow into a wise old man (hopefully I will!)...It was because I wanted to have quality of life.

In the near future I’ll be focusing on poses that will strengthen our wrists and strengthen the muscles around them, in turn reinforcing those joints and giving us the ability to go through our daily lives and make the most of the things we enjoy....for as long as is possible.” 


“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are."

This is so true of yoga. Stepping onto your mat, in a full class, or alone at home, even leading a class, yoga only asks you to be you.

To move your body in a way that feel right and true for you.

Yoga simply asks you to show up, to stand on your mat & to be authentically you.


This week I am sharing my daily habit for the last 1.5yrs to help ward off arthritis/inflammation (for those of you who didn't see my little video on FB yesterday).

1.5yrs ago I watched a doco (see link below) that showed a study of people taking turmeric everyday to reduce inflammation (it was also shown to have a whole other host of benefits including: reducing anxiety & depression, helping with asthma and increasing mental cognition in older people).

Every day I put one teaspoon of turmeric powder into a cup, with 1 tablespoon of natural, full-cream (unsweetened) yoghurt and some ground pepper (the pepper and some type of fat is essential for it to be absorbed properly). 

It tastes weird but I am very used to it now...I just quickly eat it all at once. 

I had a couple of broken bones many, many years ago, and when I stop this daily little remedy when I am travelling, I start to get a dull ache in my hand and my thumb "clicks" when I move it, but when I resume the turmeric, all that goes away!

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