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Weekly word from our teachers...


"Last week I had a delightful chat on the phone to a 93 yr old man calledCharlie, who lived in Canungra about 80 years ago! I was amazed that he is sharp as a tack and could remember everyone's names from the town and dates of events that happened all the way back then.

Yesterday I told my class about him and said that I wanted to find out what it is he's been doing everyday to keep him so young in body & spirit.

I didn't have to wait long for my answer: after class Keith (former president of RSL) told me that Charlie is extremely curious about everything and has a great passion for wood-working and still does it.

Just those 2 things alone are wonderful ways to keep our brains firing and wiring and old-age at bay....even when we are 93! :)

It's do great for our minds and our longevity to have a  passion/hobby/interest that gets us fired up each day plus a curiosity about life that keeps us open-minded and learning new things. 

Thanks for the inspiration Charlie Lawnton!" 


“Today I Choose Courage.”

"A quote that resonated so deeply for me this week. Yoga for me is about courage. Every. Single. Day. Having the courage, to politely put on hold, any lists , any fears, doubts, frustrations, to come to your mat. Sitting quietly for 10 minutes. Stretching & moving your body, even laying in Savasana (a relaxing pose at the end of class). This is courageously choosing time just for you. This week I politely put my fears and anxiety aside, I chose courage instead, and taught my first class. It’s amazing where courage can lead you". Danielle


“These last three months have been such a pleasure.

I’ve met lovely people and am so privileged to be a part of the growing Canungra Yoga family!

I really feel that the classes are beginning to evolve and I’m looking forward to introducing new and challenging poses over the coming months.”


"Our focus this week after a few long weekends and maybe a little overindulging over Easter is our tummy = digestion. Yoga not only stretches our muscles but helps to massage the internal organs which creates a gently detoxifying for the body. Our practice will include gentle twists which help this detoxification, forward folds which help to massage the internal organs, core strengthening poses to keep our digestion strong and gentle inversions which help to boost circulation and stimulate the abdominal muscles.The other benefit of working on our digestion is it helps to relieve any mental stress. Our stomachs and minds are closely related so if we are in a constant 'flight or fight' mode due to anxiety/stress our bodies are unable to relax and digest properly. By incorporating some poses that focus on our tummy and our digestive health we can get everything flowing and in harmony again"


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